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Leiden Model United Nations (LEMUN) 2016

Gepubliceerd op 02-11-2016

The Leiden Model United Nations (LEMUN) conference is only a few weeks away. This year we celebrate the fact that LEMUN was founded 15 years ago. So preparations for our very own MUN conference at the Stedelijk Gymnasium Leiden are in full swing. Students from our school have been asked to help with Housing, Admin staff, Press and Catering crew.


Besides that, a large number of our students will be actively participating in debate during LEMUN – their MUN training started half a year ago. The twenty-five students organizing this event have been working hard since January. The LIME 0 is an example of the conference newspaper sent to all the visiting schools and showcases the ideas for this year’s conference:


LIME 0 conference newspaper (PDF, 562 kB)


Check out the website to see what LEMUN is all about and which specific issues we will be discussing this year.


Student support

For the younger students in our school – 1st, 2nd and 3rd form – it is possible to be Administrative staff during the LEMUN weekend of 18 until 20 November. They will help LEMUN to run smoothly by setting up the conference rooms and functioning as messengers during debate. Older students could sign up to help with the lunch preparations or join the press team. 


Help needed for housing

What’s more, this year we have asked the students at SGL to help us house delegates from abroad. At the date this PP is published we might still need some extra beds and we would welcome some help to provide our guests with accommodation and a warm welcome. In the last week of September we have sent all fourth, fifth and sixth formers a mail regarding this.


Helping us out with housing would mean:

  • You can host a student from Thursday afternoon until Sunday afternoon. 
  • You can help with transport to and from the conference (either by lending a bike, but not everybody is able to cycle) and the party on Saturday.
  • You can provide him/her with breakfast, lunch on Friday and a meal in the evening 


Would you like to help out?

Please contact our Housing Managers:


Stijn Zelhorst (; locatie Athena)

Gabriëlle Haas (; locatie Socrates)